Maintaining your reputation

The challenge

The business had grown rapidly and had changed its positioning, offering and target audience since launch, but the branding didn’t reflect this.

Hartley Property Maintenance needed a new look, feel and proposition to reflect what was offered, to appeal to the target audience and to achieve standout in a competitive market place.

The business had very clear core values and service levels, which we needed to bring into the branding to achieve differentiation.

The solution

We conducted research amongst the competitive set, the target audience and the stakeholders to understand this complex market. The key differentiators of Hartley were identified and the needs of their clients were crystallised.

Only when we had this information and clarity did we start on the branding work.

The results

A stand-out brand was developed which created instant recognition across all touchpoints, from clothing to vans. The logo comprises the H of Hartley and a visual representation of housing, without being convoluted or complex. The palette is clean and contemporary and demonstrates quality. The strapline of “Maintaining Your Reputation” clearly demonstrates that they understand their customers and their challenges.

Anna Forgaard

Project management

Helen Curry

PR consultancy

Del Cruft

Brand design