Do you dare?

The brief

A new high ropes scheme is being built in Bridlington and the brief was to submit branding and marketing ideas. The facility needed a name, a brand identity, a website and a launch marketing plan.

The challenge

The brand identity needed to appeal to multiple users, ranging from pre-teens to corporate clients, stag and hen parties and families. It needed to work across multiple touchpoints including signage, digital collateral and broadcast media.

A significant challenge was that the marketing campaign had to start before the build was complete, meaning there wouldn’t be any photography to use in the launch campaign.

The solution

The solution was a strong identity which conveyed what was on offer, without the need for actual photography. The silhouette graphics clearly showed the nature of the scheme and could be replaced with photography when the site was completed.

The name referenced the physical location, but ensured it wasn’t overly parochial or localised and could easily compete with other national high-ropes schemes

The results

We didn’t win the bid, but we produced a piece of work we are very proud of.

  • Initial campaign identity: Active Sillhouettes
    Master logo and primary colour palette. Introducing yellow as an accent colour to complement ERYC branding.
  • By developing the active silhouette creative we can introduce a sense of movement into the design which helps build an engaging, lively and active identity without the availability of imagery or video.
  • The active sillhoutte creative can be used to substitute photography and video across the site.
  • However, once photography and video become available the original graphics can be easily updated, yet still remain true to the campaign identity.
  • The branding can be applied to sign posting around the course.
  • Using the campaign identity to create engaging social media activity.
  • The active silhouette creative lends itself to the hoardings around the construction site, building brand awareness and a sense of anticipation.

Anna Forgaard

Account management, pitch

Del Cruft

Brand design, pitch