Look for the logo

Targeting consumers to seek out the logo in shops and restaurants

The brief

An unusual brief. The challenge was to promote a food brand in which the retailer had the discretion to decide whether or not to utilise the branding. This situation had led to suppressed demand because of the lack of obvious availability and suppressed supply due to the lack of demand. It was a Catch-22 that needed to be resolved.

The campaign was a three-stage approach. First, create the foundations, then ensure supply, then drive sales. The foundations had been laid with a solid brand identity supported by a website, social media and various marketing collateral. The challenge was breaking the Catch-22 situation of demand but no supply, and supply but no demand.

Stage 1


We began by creating a base of advocates from stakeholders and the broader industry and community. This was achieved through PR, targeted social media and old fashioned face-to-face. 

Stage 2

Ensure supply

Once the foundation had been laid we moved to Stage 2, engaging with the trade to demonstrate the consumer interest and the value of using the branding if they sell Bridlington Bay Lobster. Stockists were supplied with window vinyls, recipe cards and social media promotion.

Stage 3

Create demand

Finally we targeted consumers, highlighting the logo and encouraging them to seek it out in shops and restaurants. Normal market forces of supply and demand then drove the sales. Customers had opportunities to experience the brand and sample the product at events, demonstrations and lobster nights at restaurants and pubs


Press coverage, increased retailer support, increased demand and the growth of stockists outside the East Riding area and into the rest of the country.

Anna Forgaard

Project management, marketing strategy, copywriting

Sarah Marshall

Marketing assistance, social account management

Del Cruft

Design & artwork

John Leppington