Graphic design


Transforming swimming across the UK

The brief

Sport England knew that the leisure sector needed to radically transform swimming and change the way in which people use pools. They had funded five ‘Swim Pilot’ projects to trial new approaches and needed to share the lessons learnt from these with professionals across the sector.

Our designer worked with the lead consultancy to deliver the creative toolkit for these professionals.

The challenge

A huge amount of information needed to be disseminated in an engaging and easily understood way.

The solution

An interactive PDF was created and distributed to senior decision makers within the leisure sector, giving them the tools required to ‘transform swimming’.  

The 160 page design was supported by additional resources, designed as a series of case studies, design checklists and top tips, all of which could be downloaded via the main PDF.

The results

It was a fun and engaging approach to the design, utilising a combination of photography and infographics. The layouts accommodated a large volume of information, whilst engaging the reader in the new and innovative ways leisure centres had been able to utilise their pools.

Del Cruft (as Design Director for The Smarter Choice Consultancy)

Design & artwork