What’s your superpower?

Creating and delivering a cross platform campaign

The challenge

People have major misconceptions about working in the care sector, including that they aren’t right for the job and that the role is undervalued.

But research shows that people who have innate character traits such as empathy, patience and communication are often the ideal candidates – and that these traits are highly valued by the people they cared for.

In addition, care sector advertising is traditionally safe and predictable – not the effect we were after.

Our brief was to generate interest and enquiries from this audience of people who might never have considered a career in care.

The solution

The “Superhero” campaign addressed these two misconceptions by showing carers in their true light – as everyday superheroes, making a huge difference through small actions and behaviours which come naturally to them.

The campaign was designed to be totally different to anything else in the care sector and to generate interest in finding out more. The objective was to start people on a journey of exploration into the care sector and the roles it offered.

The campaign was shot using real carers and clients and ran across radio, social media, OOH and events.

The results

A resounding success. Website traffic increased over 700%, traffic visiting pages where they explored career options. Radio results were well above target and events were attended by more visitors and exhibitors than we ever anticipated.

Radio Ad

Radio ads ran across multiple stations in East Yorkshire, delivering results that were above target.

whats your superpower

Anna Forgaard

Campaign strategy, copywriting

Sarah Marshall

Campaign co-ordination

Del Cruft

Campaign design, art direction

Howard Young

Radio ad production

Nat Theo

Digital marketing

Tom Arran