Think you know Rutland?

Creating and delivering a destination lead campaign

The challenge

An established Rutland printing company had a great reputation, but not enough awareness. They had been established in the county for years but many people were unaware of their presence.

As digital printers, they wanted to grow sales through short run print such as invitations and cards and generate B2C sales from the local population.

We needed to let potential customers know they were there and demonstrate the quality and diversity of material they could produce.

The solution

Rutland has a strong brand identity and a huge regional pride and we recognised the importance of creating and promoting the link between the printers and the county.

The campaign was called ‘Think You Know Rutland?” and the message was that however well you think you know the county, there is always more to find out. The campaign was delivered primarily in print (for obvious reasons) using door drops and media inserts and was supported by digital and email activity.

Using 10 obscure facts about Rutland, we created a series of postcards posing a question. People received one card and were then directed to an on-line quiz to answer all 10 questions and see their score against the rest of the county.

Data was collected, a series of emails followed up their entry and prizes and freebies were handed out.

The results

New business was generated, lapsed customers were reintroduced… and the tourist board asked to use our campaign.

Anna Forgaard

Campaign strategy, digital campaign, analytics, copywriting

Del Cruft

Campaign creative & design

Nikki Bellis