Process and comms

Essential to project success

Solid processes and clear communication are the bedrock of successful projects and client relationships.

We work in a structured way, using clear processes and open communication to keep projects on track and the team fully appraised. Creativity and adaptability are part of our everyday life, but a robust process keeps everything in order.

Effective stakeholder engagement

We understand that stakeholder engagement and consulting with the different groups is essential to the success of the project.

Multiple stakeholders means a multitude of perspectives. The challenge is that individuals with higher authority or more dominant personalities may exert a more influential voice, steering the decision-making process towards personal preferences rather than the brief.

To manage this challenge, we ensure we are briefed on the different stakeholder groups and key individuals at the Inception Meeting and are made aware of any potential issues or concerns that groups may already have, as well as any communication preferences.

With this information, we then plan individual communication approaches as well as overall project communication. Typically we would expect to engage with these groups;

  • Project Team
  • Project stakeholders
  • Project influencers
  • Project sponsors
  • Target audience

We adopt a similar approach with all groups, which starts with communicating the brief. The brief will emphasise the goal of creating a brand identity that is a response to the requirements, rather than to individual preferences. With everyone aware of the brief, we can listen to all ideas while managing personal preferences.

Consultation Methods

We use the most effective and cost efficient methods to consult with the different groups. This may include;

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Depth Interviews
  • Social media platforms
  • Presentations or workshops

Timeline and Frequency

Our timelines detail key dates for consultation and communication with the different groups.

The fortnightly Project Meetings keep communication regular and allow us to address any issues or opportunities quickly.

Project management

To keep the project on track and ensure deadlines are met, weekly reviews take place internally of;

  • Costs
  • Deadlines and progress
  • Risk Assumptions Issues Dependencies (RAID) log

Account management

Communication is the foundation of effective account management and we pride ourselves on our accessibility to clients and our speed of delivery.

A member of the team is always available and we reply to calls or emails the same day. We have a clear onboarding process to introduce the team and processes to the client. We use secure webspace for all project activity to be stored and shared between the team.

Project management may include;

  • Liaising with project teams: regular Teams/Zoom/phone call/written updates
  • Liaising with stakeholders to ensure the process and progress is understood by all
  • Meeting attendance where required i.e. Oversight Board meetings
  • Managing deadlines, workflow and sign-offs.
  • Reporting – regular updates
  • Presentations to stakeholders as required

Working with in-house teams

The majority of our projects involve us working with and across teams, requiring a collaborative and effective way of engaging with individuals from a range of roles and different backgrounds. We have a robust and effective way of working, which is adapted to each client to accommodate any specific requirements, but is always centred on efficient, clear, relevant and timely communication.

When working with local government teams, we understand that there are multiple stakeholders and internal meetings, from project meetings to Committee Meetings. We ensure these form part of the Project Timeline so that information can be supplied and feedback utilised.

We are always available to help any Comms team to hone and refine any marketing messages or PR communications about the project, ensuring that a consistent brand experience is delivered from the outset.

Our standard practice for working with in-house teams involves these Zoom/Teams meetings;

  • Onboarding meeting
  • Fortnightly update meetings
  • Ad-hoc meetings
  • Handover meeting

Inclusive and accessible approach

We take an inclusive and accessible approach to ensure that diverse perspectives are considered. When conducting research we take great care in selecting the sample groups to ensure the responders are representative of the diverse target audience, using statistical methods. It is important that underrepresented or marginalised groups are heard and this is done by either targeting these groups directly, or ensuring they are present in the data sample used for surveys.

Adaptability and flexibility

The consultation process may require adjustments, based on feedback and unforeseen circumstances. We are adept at reacting to this and re-evaluating plans in order to accommodate any changes. The fortnightly project meetings, or additional ad-hoc meetings, will address these changes. Our approach across the board is one of flexibility and we are willing to adapt the branding strategy based on the evolving needs and information.

Alignment with the client’s objectives

We make sure we understand the broader goals and objectives of our clients, so our approach is in alignment.