the team

A marketing team brimming with experience

The people with the skills

We create a marketing team for each project we work on, to give clients access to the most appropriate skills and experience at the agency. These are the people who work on the majority of projects and other expertise is brought in as needed.


Marketing Director

Anna is the founder of the Agency and has a broad marketing experience on brands as diverse as The Wine Society, National Geographic, Grazia and Practical Fishkeeping. She has worked in all marketing disciplines across all channels, with particular emphasis on direct marketing, brand strategy and campaigns.

Anna will be your account manager, having an overview of the project and the target audience and getting particularly involved when there are words – written or spoken.

07970 555502
anna forgaard marketing director
del cruft lead designer


Lead Designer

Del is responsible for everything visual – branding, websites, reports, adverts, merchandise – and brings years of experience to the project. He is a rare hybrid of technical and aesthetic, so his work and websites not only achieve their marketing objectives, they also look stunning.

Del has experience across multiple markets, with a particular fondness for projects related to sport, bikes and food.

+44 (0)7834 831274


Marketing Assistant

Sarah keeps the team in check and the project on track. She manages all the social media accounts, creating content and posts and scheduling the activity.

She is the queen of process and knows where everything is, where everyone should be and when everything is due.

sarah marshall marketing assistant
nat theo digital marketeer


Digital Marketeer

Nat is the woman who understands the ins and outs of the digital landscape. She is au fait with Adwords, familiar with Facebook,  informed about Instagram and loves LinkedIn. 

When there is audience segmentation, ad targetting, analytics and split testing to be done, Nat will be the person leading it.


Sound Designer & Producer

Howard is sound. (We all are, but he is officially sound.) Radio, TV, film, plus the sound design for animation, Spotify ads, podcasts, voiceovers and music production – he does it all, from the script to the production.

He brings experience gained with major players including the BBC, ITV, Disney and NASA as well as local and national radio stations and their advertisers. And in 2023 his name will appear in the credits of the Disney+ 2023 live action Pinocchio.

If your project needs sound, it’ll be done by Howard.

07970 555502
howard young sound designer
rich stevens


Technical Lead

Rich gets involved in the technical aspects of new website builds and then does everything necessary to keep the sites online, safe, secure and functioning properly.

If your site is being hosted by us, Rich is the man making that happen.

Our expertise

To see how the team bring their individual skills to projects, have a look at our portfolio.