Digital design


Love it. Find it. Book it.

The brief

The ClassBooker creators were preparing to take their idea to investors and needed a brand identity plus supporting visuals for their investment pitch.

ClassBooker was an app that allowed users to book on to any local classes, regardless of the subject – dance, fitness, music, sport etc were all to be included in one app.

The challenge

The ClassBooker app was going to be launched locally and then rolled out nationally, so it needed to sit comfortably in both scenarios and across multiple markets.

It also needed to work across multiple interest groups and avoid being biased towards any in particular, such as sport or music.

Users needed to easily find the type of class they wanted and the information about it before they booked, so layout and UX was key.

The solution

The end result was a bold, clean and accessible brand identity supported by a layout that gives the user access to the necessary information, quickly.

The brand tone supports accessibility, using informal language that guides the user to their end goal – a class booking.

The branding is contemporary but doesn’t target a specific age group and the palette works across multiple interest areas.

The results

An eye catching brand identity that achieves cut through and supports an easy user experience.

Del Cruft

Brand design, UX design