Find their sweet spot

The challenge

This was a speculative piece of work, demonstrating how our branding and campaign expertise could give a chocolate brand a different identity and visibility on the crowded shelves of the gift confectionery sector. The objective was to show how branding can totally change the buyer perception.

We took insights from Lucy, owner of Hay Chocolate, and used video produced by Sam Pearson at Scafell Media to show how Hay Chocolate could take an alternative approach to its branding and marketing.

We wanted to create standout with a point of difference, give the website a more established look and feel and convey the individuality of the artisan chocolate products.


Research into the market highlighted that “evenings in and gifting will support sales during the cost-of-living crisis…while premium products and personalisation offer further opportunities.” (Richard Caines, Senior Food & Drink Analyst). A key trend is also the growth of the premium gifting sector.

This gave us a hook to begin exploring branding ideas.


The Hay Chocolate product range centres on bonbons, decorated to convey the flavour or inspiration. This became the foundation of the branding, using circles and spots across brand elements, packaging and copy.

The rich, feminine colour used for the main brand is complimented by a flavour-specific brand palette. Die-cut windows make the chocolate the hero, elevating the packaging and conveying the individuality of the brand.

The strapline brings it all together, positioning Hay Chocolate as a unique and personal gift choice.

There were no changes to the logo as we worked with the existing Hay logo design.

Campaign ideas

“Find their sweet spot’ is a campaign that would run across social media, OOH, in-store and on broadcast media. We demonstrated how the creative idea can be used to drive home the brand message, while also working as a standalone campaign.


The strong branding achieves shelf standout, while maintaining the artisan character and letting the chocolates themselves do the heavy lifting against the on-shelf competitors.

Please note: the packaging, branding and designs are concepts only.

Anna Forgaard

Marketing campaigns, copywriting

Del Cruft

Design & artwork

Hay Chocolate

Product photography

Scafell Media Ltd