Craft ales

It’s a serious matter of taste

The brief

Kings Cliffe Brewery (KCB) was launching and needed a full branding package, covering individual product designs, packaging and marketing material.

Their target audience was local beer drinkers who wanted an alternative to the mainstream, big-name ales available. They were consumers who were keen to try new beers but wanted a quality, rather than a quirky, drink.

The launch range had been chosen, but other permanent and seasonal beers would be added in the future and the branding needed to accommodate these.

The challenge

We needed to achieve stand-out at the pumps and on the shelf, clarity on the label, while promoting a clear brand identity that linked the different beers in the range and avoided the ‘humorous’ and parochial style of craft-beer branding that was so prevalent.

The solution

With the brief agreed and the knowledge that the branding was to be used on bottles, pump clips, clothing and vehicles, as well as the usual stationery and social media, the design process began.

A number of designs were worked up, each one showing how the brand would look in each placement. Packaging, websites and clothing all have to be accommodated with one design.

The final design is clean and contemporary and brings the individual beer names to the fore, while clearly identifying each one as part of a range. The style of each beer is immediately apparent through the brand ‘wave’ which reflects the colour and style of the brew, reinforced by the simple description below the name.

The results

KCB beers have become firmly established and well recognised on pump clips and shop shelves around Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland. The brewery has won awards from CAMRA and was shortlisted in the 2023 Great Food Club awards.

Anna Forgaard

Marketing strategy, copywriting

Del Cruft

Brand design, artwork