Marketing strategy

Barnsdale Gardens

Create a marketing strategy for a multi-dimensional business

The challenge

Barnsdale Gardens has a strong heritage and a range of offerings, from the gardens themselves to a plant nursery, restaurant and shop. Revenue comes from multiple channels, but cross-selling was not maximised and multi-channel marketing was a missed opportunity.

The business needed to raise awareness locally, attract a new audience without alienating the core, communicate the full offering and grow the commercial opportunities. Throw in the impact of the English weather on an outdoor attraction and the challenge increases.

The solution

After research, we created a multi-channel marketing strategy which amplified the existing marketing activity, created new revenue streams and prepared the business for the future.

Activity included increasing loyalty through a membership scheme, driving new business through targeted social media and improving the communication around specific events through on and offline activity. Partnership marketing was introduced and opened up more commercial opportunities without damaging the brand and its heritage. Marketing was delivered across print, social media, email and the press.

The results

500% YOY increase in the membership scheme.

A healthy ROI on all marketing spend.

Increase in wedding enquiries.

Incremental revenue though partnership marketing.

Barnsdale Gardens said…

“Since day one I have been really impressed, not only with the innovative ideas brought to my business, but also the keenness to ensure a good return on my investments.

Everything is tailored to our individual business, while still considering the broader horticultural landscape which, given the professional approach, makes them a joy to work with.”
Nick Hamilton
Barnsdale Gardens

Anna Forgaard

Marketing strategy, copywriting

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