Graphic design

New Forest National Park

Public cycle hire scheme

The brief

The New Forest National Park were considering a bike hire scheme and were researching how it could work and the customer needs and perceptions of a scheme. The requirement was to produce a range of small-scale design pieces to gather the public feedback.

The challenge

Clarity, succinctness and relevance are really important when designing questionnaires. The questions must be presented in an accessible way with design helping the reader to move through the questionnaire without distracting, confusing or influencing them. The reader must also have access to sufficient information to explain what the questions are asking.

The solution

A series of leaflets, questionnaires and posters which showed what the scheme might look like, how it could be used and who would benefit.

The questionnaires were clearly laid out, making completing and analysis easy and unambiguous.

The results

Sufficient data was gathered to inform the National Park about how they could approach bike hire and what the end-users wanted – and didn’t want.

Del Cruft (as Design Director for The Smarter Choice Consultancy)Design & artwork