Marketing strategy

Great Food Club

Marketing strategy for a data-led business

The challenge

This unique food club had an impressive database of signed-up members and of participating businesses – but without a marketing strategy they weren’t maximising the assets and had untapped revenue streams.

Better communication with members was needed to drive engagement and loyalty and there were opportunities to generate revenue from the database which weren’t being employed.

The solution

A detailed marketing strategy identified ways to increase the value of Great Food Club to the user, as well as creating a new revenue stream. It was crucial that the brand values of independence and honesty were upheld and so great consideration was given to how the commercial elements were offered and delivered.

The strategy covered member communications, advertising opportunities, partnership opportunities and pricing.

The results

The plan created new and regular revenue streams for Great Food Club, increased membership and deepened the relationship with both members and businesses by adding real value to them. The end result is increased profitability.

The Great Food Club said…

““I needed a marketing plan which would allow me to generate more revenue from The Great Food Club. The plan which came back was thorough, achievable and highly detailed and has opened up new and regular revenue streams.

The marketing plan also led to greater confidence and new ideas that have resulted in extra profits. I would not have been able to unlock this extra revenue without it.”
Matt Wright
The Great Food Club

Anna Forgaard

Marketing strategy