Derbyshire on your doorstep

The brief

The campaign was to promote rural Erewash and the businesses and leisure activities within it, to a very specific population living in certain areas of Derby and Nottingham.

A brand identity, website and cross-channel marketing campaign was needed to generate visits from those people to the area.

The challenge

Rural Erewash is a relatively small area of Derbyshire, bounded by the motorway, river and canals and without the big peaks and expansive countryside found in central Derbyshire. But there are low-key attractions, short walks and historical aspects that are ideal day trips for people living in the target areas.

Research showed that the target market was aware of many of the activities and attractions, but simply didn’t use them. One key reason they gave was not knowing where to park.

The solution

The logo references the water and wildlife, the sub-brands allow the user to explore by category and the information on each location includes details of parking and toilets.

An interactive map shows locations relative to each other, making planning a trip easy. And we created itineraries to inspire people to explore, taking away the hassle of creating their own route.

Targeted social media ads ensure the messaging reaches the right people and budget is spent effectively. PR including working with local influencers to highlight the lesser known attractions and walks.

The results

Web traffic has been 165% above target since day 1, coverage was achieved on local BBC on launch day and feedback has been positive from users and the client.

Research at the end of the campaign will measure the changes in footfall, but so far it is exceeding expectations.

Anna Forgaard

Project management, campaign strategy, copywriting

Sarah Marshall

Project co-ordination, digital media

Del Cruft

Art direction, brand design, web development


Photography, video production

Nat Theo

Digital marketing

Rich Stevens

WordPress hosting & maintenance

Megan Allen