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Transport for Quality of Life

Working to make transport better for society and the environment

The brief

The business underwent a change of management, which prompted a review of the brand identity.

The brief was to audit the brand to understand how and where it is used and the current customer perception, then to refresh and update it as appropriate.

A new website was also required, to accompany this new stage in the business’ life.

The challenge

The business is Transport for Quality of Life but is commonly known as TFQL. It is well known and regarded in its market, so changes have to be managed carefully.

The business recognised the need to address the branding, but were concerned about losing the recognition which the brand had achieved. The identity had to be retained while being refreshed and the practicalities of the logo design had to be addressed – shape, size and composition – to ensure it worked in all touch points.

The solution

The first step was to demonstrate to the management team what a new identity could look like and how it could meet their objectives. Once they’d seen examples, they were on board.

A new TFQL icon was introduced, using the existing typeface, colour-ways and arrow element from the old logo to maintain continuity, while also heralding a new era for the business. The icon could be used in isolation, with the old or new logo and with language variations (Welsh and Scottish Gaelic).

The website was built to exceed WCAG 2.1 standards and also allowed users to switch between English, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh.

The extensive document library had a new filtered search facility to facilitate searching through 200 documents.

The results

The website launched with a fresh look and capabilities which signalled change, without losing the established and well known brand identity.

  • Old logo
  • New logo
  • Transitional period
    During this period the new icon will be used alongside the old logo. By maintaining a consistence in design with core brand elements, we can simply replace the old logo with the new over time.
  • Multi-language
    Using Google translate we can provide content in multiple languages at the click of a button.
  • Document library
    With over 200 reports regularly referenced by industry professional we developed a fully filtered search system to easily find the desired report.

Del Cruft 

Branding, web design, project management

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