Choose Care

Creating a new brand identity for a new service

The challenge

The Choose Care brand and initiative had been launched previously, but Covid and lockdown had put a stop to activity. It needed reviewing and refreshing to target new customer groups and a series of campaigns were required to promote the initiative across East Yorkshire.

A major factor was the misconceptions that are held about working in the care sector. A combination of assumptions and misinformation meant that the positives of the work weren’t being highlighted and so potential candidates for a career in the sector were not even considering it.

The solution

The name was retained but the branding was revamped to give it more appeal and better application on social media. Campaigns were devised to look totally different to anything else in the sector and to reach a new target audience who had never previously considered a career in care, but offered the right skills and personality.

The new website is simple to navigate and highlights the variety of work available, the soft skills and personalities which are valuable and the routes available to finding work in care in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The website does not replace jobs boards, but gives the user the tools and directions to seek out suitable opportunities.

The results

Choose Care was relaunched to promote a career in care, using the new website, social media and radio. Detailed targetting on social media got the campaign message to a new audience and the visuals and messages generated responses to events and job applications.

Spotify Audio Ad

We used Spotify as one of routes to market to target a younger audience for our “Caring. It’s not what you expect.” campaign. The ad drove website traffic and the results were trackable through a dedicated URL. The result? Spotify was the top performing channel for traffic.

Anna Forgaard

Campaign strategy & copywriting

Sarah Marshall

Campaign co-ordination

Del Cruft

Art direction, brand design, web development

Nat Theo

Digital media

Howard Young

Radio ad production

Jon Redding

WordPress hosting & maintenance

Tom Arran